We're sad to see you go...

We understand that circumstances change. Sometimes business doesn't go as expected, project needs change, or one simply needs a change of scenery. We do everything we can to support our clients through times of change. To let us know how to best facilitate you during this time, please fill out the form below.

Why are you cancelling your service?

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What Happens Next...

  • We’ll set up a date to cancel your service subscription. The point of this is to keep from billing you for more services than you need, and also to be sure that we’ve provided everything you need in time for a smooth transition.
  • We’ll provide you with your site files. In most cases, this will be in the form of a .wpress file, to be uploaded to your new environment using a plugin like All In One WP Migration.
  • We’ll provide a full list of accounts associated with your site, and review who is in possession of those accounts. Accounts that need to be transferred to your possession will be. In the event that there are costs associated with accounts associated with your site, we’ll provide a review of those costs.
  • We’ll provide you with a list of any 3rd party licensing that will need to be transferred to your possession, along with costs associated with that licensing.