Referral Program

Cameron Creative is excited to present our referral program. Partner with us and earn money for every new client you refer. Existing clients can opt for service discounts of an equal value.

Referral Program Breakdown

We offer two commission packages based on the type of project that your referred client needs. We’ve broken this down into clients who are only looking to have a website designed and developed, and those clients who are looking for a digital marketing campaign.

Website Design & Development

Our program partners receive a commission of 10% of the total project fee that the referred client agrees upon.


A referred client with a $3,000 project would result in a partner commission of $300.

Digital Marketing Services

Program partners who have referred clients that retain our services for a digital marketing campaign of 6 months or more receive a 2 part commission package.

The first part is a signing commission, equal to 20% of one month’s total retainer fee. The second part is a monthly commission of 5% of the monthly retainer fee.

For campaigns that last multiple years, our referral program covers up to 3 years of commissions. The monthly commission is 5% for the first year, 4% for the second year, and 3% for the final year.


A referred client who’s retainer equals $1000/month would result in a one time signing commission of $200, plus a monthly commission of $50/month. Monthly commissions for a second year of a campaign would be $40/month. Monthly commissions for the third year of the campaign would be $30/month.

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This is currently a pilot program for our future referral program. As such, we only guarantee that the rates, as well as the program itself, will be available through September 31, 2022. As of October 1, 2022, we intend to either alter the pilot program, or launch the permanent program. We do, however, guarantee these commission rates for clients referred over the full course of their campaign. 

We do also intend to roll out a membership program as part of the future program that yields higher commissions. The full details of the membership program have yet to be determined.